Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I was having trouble compiling and running the lpr_vhook program that Stephan and Kevin created. It was unable to find the highgui portion of the OpenCV library. Greg finally got it working by linking highgui.a directly into the program instead of using the shared library files. He also linked some other files that were missing by adding them to the Makefile. Apparently, my problem was that I downloaded a newer version of ffmpeg that had new library requirements so these had to be added. The ffmpeg website had removed their .tar files so I had to use their CVS repository to get the "bleeding edge" version of ffmpeg.

I learned a few new terminal commands in Linux:

ldd : list library dependencies for a file
!ff : runs most recent command that begins with the letters "ff"
history : list all commands that were typed into the terminal and enumerate them
!# : run command from "history" that has the number #

Even though it took me a week, booting Linux from a USB drive has payed off immensely in that it eliminates the need to reconfigure each Linux environment for each computer with Linux installed.

Now, I can finally redo my training set using 320x240 resolution and excluding horizontally-oriented soda cans. I may exclude partially occluded soda cans as well.


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